SPECIFICATIONS : (of emulsified wax)


 1.  Colour   :  Black                                                  Form : Slabs


 2.  Congealing Point                                                           :  61 - 63o C

      (As per IP 76/64)


 3.  Penetration, dmm units (25o C/ 200 gm/ 5 secs)            :  5 dmm, max.

      (As per IP 49/67)


 4. Ash Content                                                                      :  0.05%,  max

      (As per IP 4/65)


 5.  Linear Contraction (55 - 25oC)                                       :  0.5%,  max

      (Measured by injection in a standard die accepted

      by BICTA, on a laboratory machine with 175-200

      psi pressure )                                                                         


 6.  Recommended Injection Temperature Range                 :  50-55o C

      (@ about 200 lb injection pressure)


7. Mechanical strength is better than WAXMAG -BL. Patterns maintain toughness upto 30 - 32 o C, whereas handling of WAXMAG -BL patterns is necessarily controlled at temperatures below 25 - 27 o C.


Water addition : For optimum performance, add water @ 20% of the weight of dry wax. This will make water content in the emulsified wax to 17%. 


With proper emulsification, patterns with very low contraction, minimum sinkage and smooth surface finish result.


Excessive water may give unstable emulsions and show water precipitation in pattern cross sections. Too low water content cannot give performance as desired.

Test standards mentioned are IP standards for Petroleum and its derivatives and    methodology, modified to suit testing of pattern-waxes as accepted by British Investment Caster’s Trade association, is followed.