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Click here to read the paper on 'Understanding Investment Casting waxes - Pattern making' presented by our representative Mr. R.D.Saraiya at the National Conference on Investment Casting (NCIC 2003) held at Central Mechanical & Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur.


We offer wax formulations for the needs of Investment Casting by 'lost wax process'.  Our waxes are used by foundries from aircraft and aerospace industries and defence establishments as well as those making commercial castings.

Our waxes are suitable for use on almost all kinds of wax injection machines with reasonable controlling set-up. Besides, our regular customers have also witnessed, over the years, consistency in quality with most economic pricing. These factors have contributed to recognition of our products by Investment Casting foundries in India and abroad.  We have an evaluation report from 'Institut Odlewnictwa' (Foundry Research Institute, Krakow, Poland) for one of our products, viz. WAXMAG -R by international standards.

Present range of our products include pattern-waxes, both filled and unfilled, water emulsifiable pattern waxes, water soluble core wax, sticky and patch waxes. Besides, in house R & D makes it possible for us to put up new products to suit the demands of 'Lost Wax Process' industry. Our quality control and development laboratory is well-equipped for evaluation of physical parameters of waxes like contraction characteristics, surface hardness and mechanical properties, softening temperatures, gravity pouring and pressure injection performances, etc.

The product section gives technical details of our current wax brands. We welcome the opportunity to augment the same with respect to your specific requirements.


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