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SOLMAR-G is water soluble core wax, to be used for core pattern by injecting into core die. A core - pattern is then held in the actual pattern and the pattern - wax is injected around it. Entrapped soluble wax core can be perfectly leached out of the wax - patterns by soaking them in water or with vigorous action in dilute (5%) Hydrochloric acid, leaving no residue in the pattern cavity.

SOLMAR-G is extremely viscous in the molten form due to it's high mineral filler content. Melting and holding tanks must be essentially operated with gradual stirring.

SOLMAR-G  melt is stable over a wide temperature range, offering choice in injection parameters.

Core - patterns made out of SOLMAR-G adhere precisely to die dimensions and finish and the pattern cavities can be perfectly leached out, giving sharp, finished internal shapes. This makes it a convenient choice for jobs like close impellers, etc.