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WAXMAG -F is a filled pattern wax containing resin filler. Filler content is 20% by weight. This filled pattern wax also has very low ash content. It's viscosity at congealing point is high requiring higher injection pressure than the unfilled pattern waxes. Also, premelt and holding tanks must be equipped with agitator and proper temperature control.

However, resin filler used is perfectly stable over the temperature ranges for handling wax in the investment casting process. Fusion temperature of filler is above 170C.

Major advantage of using this filled pattern wax is it's practically nil sinkage even for very thick pattern sections. Hence, use of chills, etc. is avoided. Besides, contraction is much lower and patterns are dimensionally stable and hence less rejections. Mould setting time for filled pattern wax is also greatly reduced by the use of filler. Thus, WAXMAG -F is preferred for the efficient mass production of patterns with perfect dimensional control and extremely good finish.

For best results, filler must be in a fine particulate suspension in the filled wax melt for injection. To achieve and maintain this, filler must be prevented from settling out or agglomerating.

Filler does not melt for it's good use, alongwith other components in  WAXMAG -F, and filtration will remove filler from molten wax. Thus, it becomes necessary to replenish entire filler content every cycle for reuse after dewaxing, if filteration is carried out.




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